Friday, July 13, 2012

Naadam Deel Festival

Welcome to Mongolia

This will be mainly photography from the Deel Festival. This event was started in 2008 and is held annually at the conclusion of Naadam. People enter the parade in their traditional dress representing their tribe or clan from different provinces of Mongolia. Also the nine different districts of the capital city of Ulaan Baatar march in the parade with their own theme and traditional dress.

Warrior king and queen

Suhkbaatar's revolutionary soldiers 1921 war of independence from China

A fierce Buddhist diety
Not so fierce
She will don this headress

There she is

                             Children dressed in their deels.

The next photos will be of distinguished men.


         The next photos will be of notable women.



Representing Chinggis Khan's wife

Fun couples at the festival


Families came in traditional deels

Here they are marching

A church member's family

Parade highlights


A Khazak bride

And another one

What clan is this? They are models working for a company that makes fancy deels.

Goodbye from our King and Queen - We hope you enjoyed the extraordinary sights from Mongolia. We did.

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  1. The photos are beautiful- very bright and colorful. I'm wondering like you- when do you start work? Seems like quite the adventure so far.