Monday, August 27, 2012

Shopping at the Zaak

A Visit to the Black Market.
How about boy's jackets?

Prior to our trips to the YSA conference, we went shopping at the Black Market in UB for rain boots and a few other times. This time we took our camera.
Before you arrive, there are rows and rows of merchants with car trunks open

Fabrics for traditional clothes
The market is misnamed. There is no underground or illegal selling of stolen or misappropriated items. It is immense and has anything and everything you can imagine for sale. It does have a deserved reputation for pickpockets.
We bought suit material here
The market was a lot less crowded than on a Saturday. There were fewer stalls, especially in the fabric area. Here are some photos give you a visual idea of what the market is, how big and varied it is, and how colorful and different it is to the eyes of foreign visitors.
Looking for tennis shoes?
An outdoor furniture store
How about stoves and stovepipes for a ger (felt covered home)?
Vegetables and fruits on the way out.

Local shipping

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