Friday, September 7, 2012

The Blue Pearl of Mongolia - Lake Hovskol

Lake Hovskol - the Blue Pearl of Mongolia

This is 2nd largest fresh water lake in the world and a cousin to Lake Baikol to the north across the border in Siberia, the largest and deepest fresh water lake in the world. Mongolia is building good roads here for future tourists. Right now, only the most adventuresome make it here. We were the last visitors of the season and had the lake to ourselves.

Our Ger Camp - The Blue Pearl

This blog will take you on a photographic journey of Hovskol Lake. The next blog will describe our work in this part of Mongolia. This long journey to Hovskol took 17 hours of driving time, half of which is over dirt roads that we don't want to see again. As you will see, the trip was well worth it.   

Our Ger Camp

Moon rise over Hovskol
Dawn at Hovskol
Hovskol during the day
The Groesbecks, Richardsons, and Farmers next to a Buddhist shrine
Checking out the shore

In more ways than one
Out on a limb
Where's my lawnchair?

Dawn at Hovskol
Serene and wondrous
Hovskol silouettes
The sun emerges over Hovskol

The rising sun

Reflections of a new day
The stillness of the morning
Shoreline of Hovskol at daybreak
Gorgeous sight

We had company at the lake - Yaks
A blue-gray-silver beast
Saying goodbye to our lovely lake


  1. Very beautiful! I can't believe how much of Mongolia you two have already seen within 2 months. More than I ever did during my year and a half there, and a visit back. Looks very peaceful.