Friday, March 15, 2013

Camel Polo in front of the Chinggis Khan monument

The referee in the red coat is going over the rules
Dr. Stewart was on his way to Baganuur on a church assignment. His route took him past the Chinggis Khan monument. 
Camel polo player
Dr. Stewart has the uncanny knack of being at the right place at the right time. This happened to be the one weekend a year when Camel Polo contest was scheduled to take place in front of the Chinggis Khan monument. What better setting!
We are ready to go
The beauty and the beast - Ulzicka, Dr. Stewart's translator
He took some great shots of the camel riders, the camel polo contest and some shepherds tending their flocks. He shared these photos with me and I am sharing them with you.
Milling around before the match

Instead of a rope with a loop, Mongolian horsemen use a long pole with a loop
Mongolian shepherd tending his flock
A Mongolian shepherd tenderly caring for three little goat kids

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