Friday, August 30, 2013

Young Single Adult Conference

Is this Mongolia or New Zealand? Doing the Haka for the talent show

The Ulaanbaatar West Stake and East District held a combined Young Single Adult Conference. Over 200 Young Single Adults participated. It was originally scheduled for an area east of Ulaanbaatar near Baganuur but the location was changed because  how cheap train travel is compared to renting buses.
Travel from Erdenet to campsite
The conference was held at the same site as the All Mongolia Youth Conference Trek near Erdenet. Meekers (elongated vans used as mini-buses) were used to take the YSA's from Erdenet to the campsite some 50 - 60 km from Erdenet.

Looking down on the YSA campsite
Unlike July's Youth Conference, there were no bugs and flies
The setting was gorgeous
Young man in a field of grass
Here are some of the scenes from the conference. It was a lot of fun according to all reports. Dr. Stewart attended the conference and took these pictures.

Adeyabold, Ulziika, and Nasanbold put together the Family History activity demonstrating the effect of temple ordinances in liberating ancestors from Spirit Prison.

Dr. Stewart is in the orange jacket - Elder England follows him

From the left: Adeyabold, Ulziika, Nasanbold...
Like other Church undertakings in Mongolia, this YSA conference was bold, imaginative, physical, active, humorous, natural, and distinctively MongolianThey know how to have fun and enjoy each other. The more primitive the conditions, the better they like it.

Food for 200 + attendees - no problem

Small group discussion

Informal get-togethers

Inspirational speaking from President Odgerel

Pyramid building

Sack racing

Start of women's race
Here they come

The winners and their prizes


Speed dating

Talent show - a dance followed the program

Best Haka outside of the New Zealand All-Blacks


One highlight was an afternoon wrestling tournament. Some wrestlers brought their traditional Mongolian costumes

Takedown move: you lose if any part of the body touches the ground other than hands or legs

No need to have a costume to enter the competition
After a long day - getting ready for tomorrow

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