Monday, September 30, 2013

Rest and relaxation, recuperation and recovery. More Hong Kong pictures

We didn’t realize how much the trip to Hong Kong took out of us until we got back to Mongolia. Arriving at Ulaanbaatar at 3:30 am on Tuesday can do that to you.  We slid into our normal routine on Tuesday afternoon teaching English.  
We did some food and material shopping on Wednesday and Thursday along with our evening English classes. I also found time to put the blog together. By Friday Darlene was wiped out and needed a day of sleep and rest.

Priesthood leader training for the East District. On Thursday evening, the UB Family History Center was in charge of a program for the East District Presidency, High Council and six Branch Presidencies. Darlene made a presentation while I taught English on my own that night. Divide and conquer. No pictures were taken at either location.  
I taught the class to tell Darlene that my teaching was a “hard act to follow.” After watching Darlene teach, I had a pretty "good handle" on what to do. Part of the lesson plan was teaching idioms. The class went well and I feel I could do that again when the situation requires us to be in two places at once. (Provided of course that she prepares the lesson plan).

Photography. On Saturday Darlene taught piano in the morning as usual while I spent time at a local photography shop getting prints made from our temple trip for all the members who went with us. Some of them had cameras but most depended on me for the group shots. I went out of my way to get close ups of each member during the week.
A special Sunday. Sunday was special in that six of us from the Sukhbaatar Branch had the opportunity to share our experiences and spiritual impressions from our temple trip in Sacrament meeting.  During the week we drew close to the members that went with us and shared some beautiful experiences together.

I will include a few more outtakes from our Hong Kong trip that didn’t make the two previous blogs.  There was a dearth of photographic opportunities this week, unless you consider pictures of us "catching up on our sleep" interesting.
Ferry boat on Victoria Harbor
             Our bride and groom from India

Hong Kong temple grounds

Scene from a clock shop

Stavorsky creations in showroom window
The gate by the monastery near the Big Buddha statue
What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Buddha sitting above the tree line
Policeman and bike fit right in at the Mid-Autumn Festival
Crowd at Mid-Autumn Festival
Overhead lights at Mid-Autumn Festival
 Preview of coming attractions. Next week promises to be better with a trip to Khovd (western Mongolia) and the Eagle Festival (Khazak eagle hunters show their stuff) coming up.  There will be plenty of church work and training scheduled so it promises to be a busy trip just like Hong Kong. Stay tuned.
I wonder how many kilometers it is to Khovd

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