Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A visit to the Sun Child orphanage in Darkhan

Naadam mural on wall of the orphanage
On Saturday I had an opportunity to travel to Darkhan with two other senior couples - the Nays and the Englands. Darlene stayed home to rest, cook and clean all day. We spent eight hours on the road (round trip) altogether to take in a closing ceremony on a Humanitarian Service Project at the Sun Child orphanage.
Three of the four buildings on the orphanage compound
The church has sponsored several projects with the orphanage over the years. Currently the Fredleys, who live in Darkhan, teach at their school. They love their assignment.
The Nays, the Director, the Fredleys and a student in front
The orphanage serves 37 children ages 6-18 and continues to sponsor and provide support their High School graduates as they go to college. All of their 10 graduates from last year's graduating class won scholarships to the National University of Mongolia.

They have a sponsorship with a benefactor organization from Japan. The students 9 and above form a musical performing group and travel to Japan once or twice a year to put on performances and raise money for their school. They also have a bakery that sells products to the Darkhan market. The students produce art work they sell to the public and get to keep the proceeds.

This was an inspirational visit. It shows how much good is being accomplished here in Mongolia with a few dedicated staff and some philanthropic support.
Outer wall with student painted murals
After a formal meeting and report on their work, we enjoyed a tour of the facility and then watched the children put on a special performance for us. I left my camera behind so the Englands shared these photos with me.

Getting ready to perform

The first male contortionist we've seen in Mongolia

Don't try this at home

The young man on the right has won a scholarship to Japan

Musical director and staff member is on the left

Throat singer

Three vocalists in traditional costumes

Musical director helping tune her instrument
Well worth the trip

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