Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Up close and personal with Australia's wildlife - Tasman Peninsula's coast

Louisa among a mob of kangaroos with a curious wallaby on the embankment
Frog-mouthed bird - (not a scientific name)

He blends into the environment nicely

Gideon and Louisa out for a bushwalk

Kangaroo with a pup in pouch

Classic kangaroo hop featured on Australian road signs

Lincoln feeding the wallabies

Louisa feeding the kangaroos

Coastline along the Tasman Peninsula

On the way back to our bay side accommodations - the end of a great day

Fossil Bay near Tessellated Pavement

Tasman Arch

The improbable and complicated geology of Tessellated Pavement

Tasmanian Devil - deformed mouth due to fighting with other Devils

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