Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Missionary Talent Show

The choreography in this dance number was outstanding
During the Tsaagan Sar holiday, the mission scheduled a talent show for the missionaries. There is no missionary work during the 3 day national  holiday when families are visiting each other. The talent show the missionaries something to think about and do instead of getting homesick for their families. 
Some of the talent show participants
The missionaries loved it - planned for it, rehearsed for it, performed in it and enjoyed it thoroughly. What a memory of the incredibly talented group of missionaries we have here. There was comedy, skits, church songs, popular songs, and traditional songs and dance. There were a couple of senior missionaries who also contributed. 

They started the talent show off with a traditional Tsaagan Sar greeting for President and Sister Clark and all the senior couples.
The older persons hands are on top while the younger greeter hands are under showing support and respect for the elders
The missionaries and senior couples who had traditional Mongolian deels and jackets wore them. It was flashy and fun. 
Mongolians make their Tsaagan Sar visits dressed in traditional deels
Half of our appreciative audience
We were also treated with a video tape of the Sister missionaries in Choibalsan performing a traditional dance via videotape. 
Waiting for the show to start

The other half of our audience

Elders Robbins and Neuberger
Mongolian throat singers - an amazing skill and a thrilling, unreal musical experience
What great missionaries we have here. Here are pictures of the more photogenic numbers - interspersed with some vocals that were wonderful.
Elder Woodward standing tall for truth and justice 

Mongolian patriotic number

President Clark performing "I tat I thaw a pudditat"

Doing the twist

Sister Schiffler performing a solo. 

Senior skit - Sister Richardson about to collapse from thirst

Classical pianist 
Elder Naef and companion doing their thing

Traditional dance

This young Elder was in the hospital the day before the talent show - out of the hospital and on to the stage. 
Elder Naef in a traditional dance
Sister England, with Elder Stranski translating, recited a Robert Service rendition of the "Burial of Blasphemous Bill".

Elders Quinton and Lloyd doing a duet

Fandango - an unbelievable number 

Spelling out the "D" in LDS

Elder Neuberger had a little extra zest

Doing the wave - their rehearsing and performance paid off 

Elder Titensor reaching great heights.

The finale showed a choreographed "LDS"

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  1. Great talent show! Happy Tsagaan Sar! Hope you had a nice little break from the regular routine, and were able to get some great visits in.