Sunday, October 27, 2013

Western Mongolia from the air - from the land

When you fly or drive in Mongolia, you realize how empty and desolate the country is outside of its few population centers. In the fall and early winter everything looks brown - not the lush green of summer when grazing seems so natural.

Western Mongolia around Khovd reminded us of Rock Springs Wyoming or parts of Nevada.

Rockier than the steppes in north-central Mongolia
Here is what we saw from the air.
The first snow storm of winter
Mountain tops looking like birds in flight

Frozen river between two mountain ranges

A river runs through it
A mountain range near Khovd
Black Lake near Khovd

Getting close to Khovd
Landing at Khovd

Pale blue is a Khazak color

Glowing tree

Mongolians have a fascination with boots

 Three Heroes of Khovd

Our church building in Khovd

Looking back on Khovd


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