Saturday, October 26, 2013

Zone Conference - New convert and Family History

Elder Naef and companion introducing Batbayar to Family History
This will be a brief account of our activities prior to our leaving for Khovd on Friday, Oct. 27.

Zone Conference. We had a Zone Conference this week with President Benson. Besides the spiritual messages and training, there were special segments on teaching English, budgeting, and demonstration of helpful exercises with a pizza lunch in the middle of the day.  

One of twelve exercise stations with two minutes at each station

John Benson on top of his perch - Isabel joins the missionaries 

Part of our group

Pizza was a hit
Elder Standley in foreground - Elder Odd (white shirt is visiting with Elder Gardner
Family History Highlight. A new member, Batbayer, joined the church in Bogonuur. He is a herdsman and raises his animals about 7 km. outside of town.

Elder Naef invited him to church on a chance encounter and he came. During a Sunday School class on Family History, he heard about tracing his family genealogy and its purpose in the plan of salvation.

His face lit up and he had an animated conversation with Elder Naef and members in the class. Batbayar had collected over 750 family names and he was connecting with a larger purpose for his endeavor. 
Batbayar brought his books and photographs with him

Following his lead, his large family of 8 adult children are expressing interest in the church including one son in China.
Batbayar's immediate family is on the right
One of the first things he did as a new member was to make an appointment with us to begin entering his data on Family Tree. He is looking forward to going to the temple in a year.

He will get the priesthood soon and will be baptizing his wife and other family members as soon as they are ready. We are getting a detailed history of his conversion.

Meeting Batbayar


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  1. Brother and Sister Farmer; how exciting for you to have this new convert and family history! My goodness! I am so happy. The Zone Conference looks like it was so much fun. Thanks again for posting. My son is learning Mongolian from Elder Wilson and Elder Jolley. I am pretty sure they were there when you were, too. They are both amazing teachers. Have a great week. Jeanette