Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Two Christmas celebrations

On Christmas Eve, the Church Service Center invited their staff and the Senior couples to their annual Christmas party.
Church Service Center Party

A couple of employees on maternity leave, Puje and Tuul, came with their newborns. Pictured are the father of the twins, Elder Nay, and Tuul with her baby 

Some grandmotherly types (Darlene) couldn't resist holding the babies
They had a short spiritual presentation, a dinner and then had games and a drawing. Here are a few pictures of the event. By the way, our hosts believe in having fun and eating good food.
The Benson table with Batbold

Damdin and Sister Gardner with the drinks (non-alcoholic of course)

The object of the game was to unwrap the present using mittens. If someone in the group rolled a six on a die, he or she would then dress in the winter outfit and continue to unwrap the gift. Inside each box were smaller and smaller gift boxes. The winner at the end would keep the gifts. There were several gifts uncovered in the process. Here is Dr. Stewart along with John and Tommy as onlookers.   

Mission Christmas celebration. The next day, Christmas day, the Mission sponsored a Christmas dinner and program at the Central building.
Our second Christmas in Mongolia
All the UB missionaries and mission staff were invited. The program was Skyped live to some missionaries in the countryside.

Elder Munkhchuuder positioning the Skype camera on the computer
Senior sisters and Sister Benson
The Benson family singing a Christmas carol
The program consisted of three talks, two choir numbers, a nativity program, a vocal solo, and Christmas carols. It was a wonderfully festive occasion that brought us all together to remember the holiday.
Here are a few pictures taken of the event. 
Elder Tulga leading the Elders' choir
Sisters' choir
Elder Munkhchuuder singing

Elder Gardner reading a Christmas story - Elder Ocorjamaa interpreting
Joseph and Mary
The stern Innkeeper
The onlookers looking at the nativity reenactment
All of the UB missionaries - Christmas 2013



  1. Brother and Sister Farmer - thank you SO much for the pictures, the blog and everything. I am so grateful for your blog, you as people and I hope you had a Merry Christmas! I am, however, a little jealous that Sister Farmer got to hold a baby! I have no babies to hold and I love to hold babies at Christmas......So, you were lucky.

  2. What a cute nativity with little blondies and Mongolian kids!. The Benson kids are getting quite the cultural experience. Looks like your getting your grandparent fix a little more often lately!