Monday, December 9, 2013

Circus on Ice

The circus came to town - the "Circus on Ice" that is. A performing troupe from Russia with professional and former Olympic ice skaters do amazing and showy circus acts.
They are in Ulaanbaatar for about 8 days with a performance each night and additional matinee performances on the weekends.
The building is a circular auditorium designed for performances like this. It is called "The Circus". The Russians are famous for their circus performances. This love of circus is a cultural legacy from 70 years of Mongolian/Russian relationships. 
A group of us senior couples decided to go together as a Family Home Evening activity. We had great seats on the third row for about $15 each.
Elders Wood and Stewart, Sisters Stewart Wood and Farmer with me on the end. Elder Wood is tall and needed the leg room on the aisle.
A similar show in the US would have been top dollar - we have no idea what that would be because this is the first time we have been to anything like this.

A Mongolian clown warmed up the audience

We try to keep alert for events in Mongolia that are a bit out of the ordinary. We keep looking for a Mongolian wrestling event but the only ones so far we've seen advertised have been on Sunday. Maybe we'll get lucky before our mission is over.

We are going to the Nutcracker ballet on Dec. 21 - a Friday night. We have our own mission Christmas program for missionaries on Christmas Day. The church members have a top quality choir that puts on a Christmas performance for the public every year. They have been in rehearsal for two months already.

There are a lot of special things to see and do on New Year's eve (fireworks) and day to look forward to.  

All of this makes the dreary and cold winter go by quicker. Don't feel sorry for us in Mongolia. Life doesn't stop at all for the Mongolians or for any of us.

Now on with the show!!!


Dancing on elevated skates

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  1. OH MY GOSH! What an amazing performance that must of been - here in Vegas that show would have been very expensive - I wish they would come here though. And what are those elevated skates - holy cow that is just skill beyond belief. What an amazing family home evening activity. I am glad you will do something Christmas Day - thank you.