Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Okinawa



We have enjoyed our stay here. Lots of fun interactions with the grandchildren, adult conversation, wonderful meals and touring.

Granddad and Louisa - I read at least five books before she would let me go

A long overdue piano lesson

Backyard fun

Most of you won't be interested in the former, so we will fill you in on some of the fun times we are having in Okinawa.

Treehouse in Okinawa

                            On the Beach

Beach activities
We enjoyed a hiking experience on the beach near where Tyler and April live. The children enjoyed the beach environment and we relaxed.

Lincoln with starfish

Preston walking out at low tide

It was wonderful to spend the time having fun and exploring the seashore - something that is hard to do in Mongolia.

Unusual formations

Exploring caves and tombs

                        Botanical gardens

The next day we went to the northern part of Okinawa to a botanical garden next to the Ocean Park Aquarium. It was gorgeous and a great place for photography.

                         Butterfly Gardens

Next we tried the Butterfly Gardens, similar to the Butterfly House in St. Louis.

The quantities of butterflies weren't particularly impressive but it was nevertheless a great family activity.

The golden pupa
                     A visit to Cape Hedo

We then drove to the northern tip of Okinawa to a lookout point where the East China Sea meets the Pacific Ocean.

The setting was scenic and beautiful. The drive back to central Okinawa took two hours and reminded us of two lane highways along the Oregon coastline.

We may have one or two more cultural events before we leave Okinawa this Friday. We are getting closer and closer to going home.


  1. Wow! That island is amazing! The kids must love all the exploration they get to do at the beach.

  2. So beautiful! The children, the landscape, just everything.