Sunday, April 6, 2014

The sites and scenery from Okinawa

The capital city of Naha reminded us of Athens, Greece
Brief History. Okinawa was the central governing island of a chain of islands known as the Ryukyu Kingdom. In 1879, it was annexed by Japan.
Shurri castle
The native language is Okinawan but everyone has also learned Japanese. It is most famous for the Battle of Okinawa, the last major battle of the war in the Pacific (mid-April to mid-June 1945)before the Japanese surrender.
Peace Cornerstone Museum - History of the Battle of Okinawa
After the war, the country was occupied by American forces up until 1972 when control reverted back to Japan.
One of several displays of the 14,009 American war dead who lost their lives here
The US Armed Forces has considerable presence in Okinawa through treaties with the Japanese government. Okinawa is the key strategic base in the Pacific for deployment for potential military action in Asia or for humanitarian aid in natural disasters.
A commemoration of Japanese war dead - 77,166 Japanese soldiers died on Okinawa. 42,000 -150,000 Okinawans also lost their lives during the battle of Okinawa.
Touring Okinawa together
The politics on the island are mostly quiet at present but in the past there was dissatisfaction during the time of the American occupation.
A couple from mainland China came to Okinawa for their wedding. They wanted a picture with Louisa.

The economy. Okinawa depends on both Japanese economic development and the economic boost the American military brings to the island.

Another wedding party taking pictures on the beach

There is a lot of tourism from Japan. The weather is subtropical and there are a number of hotels and beaches that are beautiful.
The tourism possibilities of Okinawa haven't been well marketed in the United States.
It has a pleasant climate quite similar to Hawaii and a friendly, welcoming population.
The lifestyle here is not nearly as work oriented as the main islands of Japan. There is a lot of sugar cane production and small farm agriculture.
Dinner at a Okinawan restaurant famous for featuring locally grown organic produce. It was a popular buffet of a variety of Japanese and Okinawan foods.
Photos of Okinawa. During our visit here, we are discovering the charms of Okinawa.
Darlene and Trace, April and Tyler - no kids along at the Peace Memorial 
Some of the highlights are the beaches, a world class aquarium, ancient castles, museums and cultural events.
                      The Aquarium

Two whale sharks - world's largest fish - whales are mammals

Sea turtle - up close and personal

Beautiful colors

Nonni and Preston encarcerated by the Ficus Tree

Tea ceremony and Japanese dancing lessons

          Limestone caves and rocky beaches

Japanese landscaping is exquisite


  1. Okinawa looks very similar to Fukuoka - Elder Palmer spent quite some time there - his Japanese teacher is from Fukuoka. I will send him some of these pictures if it's ok. Have a beautiful time with your family!!!! You look so happy.

  2. It's all so beautiful!! I'm so glad you're having a good time. Love that picture of Louisa with the Chinese couple.

  3. Looks like paradise! And like you're enjoying family time. Wish we could be there!