Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spring in Mongolia, back in the saddle, Family History, UB museum

Winter Festival in Inner Mongolia - Photo courtesy of China News Service
Signs of spring. Contrary to the long, cold winter in the United States, the weather in Mongolia has been relatively mild by Mongolian standards. It has been consistently in the -15 to -20 F range with a few exceptions.
A child had some fun

There have been a few light snowfalls but no “snow days”. The last couple of days the weather has "soared" to + 20 F and it feels like spring. Off come the big winter muffin coats  - finally.
Actually Tsaagan Sar or the lunar new year marks the official beginning of spring in Mongolia. That is the way Mongolians speak of it.

It seems odd to hear people mention spring in the middle of February with temperatures well below zero. We’ve have spring for almost a month in Mongolia.

The winter ice festival at Lake Khovskul was cancelled this year because of thin ice on the lake. Last year people could drive vehicles on the lake ice until Mid-March. That is the way we remember last winter – very cold.
So you won’t feel "left out in the cold", here is another picture from a winter festival in Inner Mongolia, courtesy of the China News Service.
The main problem this winter in Ulaanbaatar has been the smoke from coal burning fires. Winter is still unpleasant and the smoke pollution in the air is irritating if not dangerous.

English teaching. We had our first Thursday night class. We had over thirty students. It was fun and energizing. We will teach on Thursday nights for the rest of our time in Mongolia. We will teach them the idiom, “Back in the saddle”. We teach three idioms at the beginning of each class.
"Chewing the fat" after class
We were so busy that we didn’t take of picture of all our class. By the time I remembered, it was after class was over and only a small group of students were left and involved in a small group discussion.
A new member enters her family history information on Family Tree. Monkhjargal is interpreting for us.
Family History. We are scheduling what we hope to be an eventful meeting with the National Archives during March. We continue to meet and train Family History Consultants on Saturdays and by appointment.
Two of our young Family History Consultants in the UB Family History Center
We are organizing our files for our eventual successors. As far as we know, no couple is currently in the pipeline to replace us. If you are a retired church member and you love Family History, and would like an adventurous mission, talk to your Bishop. Soon!

Puujee, Country Adviser for Mongolia, will "man the fort" (another idiom) until help arrives.
The early days of Ulaanbaatar - Gandan Monastery was the old city center

A little Mongolian history. I took a little side trip to the Ulaanbaatar City Museum about a block and a half from our office. I was able to get some interesting pictures of Ulaanbaatar "back in the day". 
Breshnev - a relic of Russian influence in Mongolia

Depiction of 1943 Naadam celebration and parade
Darlene and I will visit the National Art Museum before we leave.
The beautiful and the ugly - "Ugly as sin"


  1. You would never know that I have read every post and enjoyed every picture because I may not have commented very much:-) Your photography is stunning and you have educated me well in the ways of that great country. Looking forward to your return and hearing everything in person. I continue to be amazed at everything you have accomplished and all you have endured. Well done!............larrie

  2. I was so excited to see a new post this morning before our church! Ahh I am going to miss this! Just throw Elder Palmer at the class. teehee. If I was retired I would SO come over there. I am glad it has been, um, "warm" but worry about the pollution. Elder Palmer's uncle, John, is a certified industrial hygenist / OSHA person and after he did research on UB he said that in order for a crew to work outside he would have to outfit them with full respirators the air is that bad. John was very worried about sending Nicholas there. John is the one who picked the masks that Elder Palmer has - I guess those are the best for the situation. I hope you are all WELL - I am sad Elder Palmer doesn't see you as often.....Have a great week! Jeanette