Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Stewarts return, Book of Mormon devotional, missionaries come and go, Tsaagan Sar, Archives

No this is not Mongolia, try Thailand instead

This is Mongolia
Back from Thailand, Laos and Myam Mar. Last November, Elder Stewart was asked to fill in as the Asia Area doctor until he finishes his own mission in mid-April, 2014. 
Elder Stewart at a Tiger Park in Thailand - by the way, Dr. Stewart teaches safety to the missionaries
Part of his duties currently include taking medical calls from the Mission Presidents in 14 countries in the Asia Area. This includes the mission in Thailand which also takes in the countries of Laos and Myam Mar. 
He is about to cause an international incident
He was asked to investigate the quality of medical care and facilities in Laos and Myam Mar. Deseret International Charities has church members volunteering in both those countries.

Dr. and Sister Stewart went on a two week trip to visit those countries.

When they returned, they put on a fireside for the Senior couples in Ulaanbatar showing pictures from their trip.

Here is a small sample of the pictures Elder Stewart took while traveling in these three countries.

Young monks in Laos
Restaurant along the Mekong River
Newlyweds visiting a temple site

Laos has a budding NBA star
                       Myam Mar (Burma)

A young man showing off
A saleslady with "normal" makeup
Buddhist nuns in Myam Mar
A young Thai greeter
Book of Mormon devotional.   
Last November all the members and missionaries in Mongolia were asked to read the Book of Mormon in 90 days. The Mission held a devotional at the conclusion of the 90 day reading program that was broadcast to all church facilities in Mongolia.
Pres. Benson greeting the congregation
Several members were asked to speak and share their experiences. It was a powerful meeting. Both Sister Farmer and I were able to complete the project. 

It was a wonderful experience for us. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and brings deep spiritual insights about Jesus Christ and his mission on earth.
Some of the speakers, Darlene is on the organ
The missionaries in Mongolia have been asked to repeat another 90 day reading project as a part of their personal study.

New missionaries arrive, others leave.  Three missionaries arrived from the United States and a fourth is expected shortly.
Elder Harris, Sisters De La Silva and Hansen
Khongorzul orients the new missionaries
Five Mongolian missionaries arrived from the Philippine Missionary Training Center. 
We said goodbye to Elders Flint, Robbins, and Munkhsaikan and Sister Darimaa.
Elders Flint and Robbins

Sister Darimaa and her companion, Sister Einur
There was a farewell testimony meeting in which a few of their former companions and others spoke, the missionaries then bore their testimonies followed by Sister and Pres. Benson.
A former companion is talking about Elder Munkhsaikan (thumb on his cheek). Pres. Benson is at the head of the table. Parents, relatives, senior missionaries, missionaries, and friends could come to the testimony meeting.
It was a sweet experience. This was the first meeting like this we were able to attend as our evening English teaching assignments have interfered in the past.

With Elders Flint and Robbins departure, we are now the longest serving American missionaries in Mongolia, a title we will hold for another seven weeks.

A couple on the bus on their way to a Tsaagan Sar visit agreed to pose for us

Last of theTsaagan Sar visits. Elders Faber and Tugulduur accompanied us to the home of Batjargal, Puje and their two daughters. We enjoyed a beautiful visit with this family. 

A tender mother-daughter moment
Batjargal and Puje have been stalwarts in the church for 13 years.

"Another" breakthrough with the National Archives. Sister Farmer, myself and Puujee met and put together a power point presentation on Family Search for the National Archives. They will be meeting this week on the proposed project and then turn the contract over to the Ministry of Justice for their review.

We had several false starts already on what we felt would be a successful conclusion to developing a joint records preservation contract with the National Archives. We are holding our breath and saying our prayers for this to happen.

We will have some news on this in the next couple of blogs – hopefully.  
Sunset in Thailand presages our waning mission in Mongolia


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  2. Haha! Those first two pictures make me laugh.

  3. They made me laugh pretty hard too. Nice humor dad.

  4. That's neat that you had been in Mongolia the longest of all the American missionaries. I was actually just wondering about that.