Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery - Part one

My favorite - "Spring of the Orkhon River" - Ts. Jamsran 1962
This past Monday, Darlene and I, accompanied by six missionaries, attended the National Art Gallery adjacent to Sukhbaatar Square.
One of four panels of stained glass as we entered the gallery
The Museum was quite willing for us to take some pictures.
Elders Hayter, Azjargal, Tsend-Ioush, Odd, Ulziijargal, and Faber

Vision of Heaven. It so happened that there was a special joint exhibit, "Vision of Heaven", in progress by a father and daughter, Oidov and Andimana. We met and visited with both artists.

Andimana in front of her "Heavenly Melody"
Heavenly Melody in deeper blue
Oidov is the President of the Mongolian National Calligraphy Society.

An example of Oidov's calligraphic art

Oidov had a video camera team following him and interviewing him about his various exhibits during our two hour stay.  Here are some pictures from their exhibit.

Appreciating Mongolian culture. Though a visit to an art gallery isn't generally high of the missionaries list of things to do on P-Day (think basketball), they ended up enjoying themselves.

Elder Azjargal in front of "Wrestlers" - B. Chogsom 1972

The piece called "Wrestlers" was particularly interesting and each of the Mongolians Elders insisted on having their picture taken in front of it.

We posed in front of a picture called "Wheel".

Ourselves in front of "Wheel" - D. Batzorig 2007 (note: Mongolians formal name is their given name preceded by their father's first initial)

Most art aficionados won't make it to Mongolia so this photographic rendition will give a representative overview of their collection. 

Mongolian landscapes
After the Rain - 1987 B. Gombosuren
Harvest Way - Ts. Budbazar 1962
Lord Mountain - G. Odon 1958
Way of the Choir - M. Tsembeldorj 1980
Temple of Countryside - M. Lhagvadorj 1991
Mongolian rural life
Herder Boy - Yo. Ulziikhutag 1986
Field Lords - Yo.Ulziikhutag 1982 
Stallion Fight - O. Tsevegjav 1958
Caravans - D. Damdinsuren 1954
The Soviet Era

Guest of Honor - U. Yadamsuren 1958

Friendship - U. Yadamsuren 1996
Lenin  V.I. - B. Sharav 1922
All the Best for the Front - Ts. Davaakhuu 1985

To Pay Visit Lenin - A. Sengetsokio 1967

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