Saturday, March 29, 2014

More goodbyes – last minute details

Our church courtyard after cleanup
We are packed and ready to go. The suitcases are weighed, the passports are in hand, and the apartment is in pristine condition. The refrigerator is practically bare. The laundry done.

Our assignments have been delegated to others who will hold the fort until replacements arrive. There were some debriefing and training meetings because of these new assignments.
Agenda. Today we speak in church, interview with President Benson, have dinner with the Benson family and will be a part of a farewell testimony meeting for ourselves and the Gardners.

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. On Thursday we had dinner with Nasanbold and his family. Our camera lens malfunctioned so we were temporarily without a camera. Can you imagine the withdrawal pains? 
This picture with Nasanbold was taken later and inserted into this particular blog
 Nasanbold is the Director of the UB Family History Center. The dinner served a double function of bringing him up-to-date on Family History work in Mongolia and saying goodbye to him and his family. 
On Friday, The Linfords had ourselves and the Gardners over for dinner. We appreciated an American meat loaf dinner and wonderful side dishes. Very nice.

I gave 3 Books of Mormon out to our driver, Zorgio, our photographer, Bayarmaa, and our local grocery store proprietors with whom I practiced my Mongolian as they practiced their English.
Winter dirt and grime are everywhere
Missionaries help clean up at the Chingeltei Building
On Saturday, Darlene participated in a cleanup project at the church while I counseled with a couple.
Elder and Sister Linford
The Stewarts treated us and the Gardners to an American style lunch at Papas. Also very nice. It will be hard to say goodbye to them.
Hamburgers and club sandwiches at Papas
We met with Ulziika and Puujee and talked over Family History and the Archives project. Goodbye again.

Elder Stewart had an extra lens he is loaning us until we can get a new one in Japan. My withdrawal pains eased somewhat.
We then went to the Sukhbaatar Branch for an Elder’s Quorum/Relief Society function and said goodbye again to our dear friends there.
Puje with a little one
Mothers let their babies suck on fat as a pacifier
Finally we had dinner with Bayar and Alimaa.
Very good cook. A tasty meal. They gave us our name written in Mongolian script.
I’ve been working with Alimaa on her dissertation. We will continue to Skype after we leave Mongolia. They are fun couple.
Bayar gazing at his aquarium. My borrowed lens is good for close ups - not so great for distance shots.


  1. Amazing. It is Sunday morning where I am and you are going to bed. Tomorrow, I guess you will leave! I can't imagine the mixed emotions you are feeling - my prayers are always with you! Jeanette
    p.s. thanks for everything you have done for my son. He loves you both so much.

  2. You did it! I am so proud of you, Mom and Dad! Dad, I hope you will still blog once in a while. I will miss reading this! See you in 13 days!

  3. Glad you got the pic of the baby sucking on a piece of fat for a binki. I was always amazed by that. Still am!