Saturday, March 8, 2014

Reorganizing the church in Ulaanbaatar

Saturday session of conference

Over 900 members attended the Sunday session of conference
Special conference in Ulaanbaatar. Last week while we were Choibalsan, Elders Wilson and Toronto representing the Asia Area Presidency held a special combined District and Stake Conference.  Elder Wilson brought his wife along on this trip from Hong Kong. Elder Toronto is an Area Seventy from Beijing.

They are working hard to increase the activity and leadership in Mongolia.  The goal is to get 3 stakes and eventually a temple in Mongolia. The growth of the Darkhan District will be another key to making that happen. 

Dr. Stewart attended the conference session and took pictures before and after conference and also of the newly installed leadership. Because the conference was so significant, I wanted to document the event. 
Leadership changes. Besides changes in leadership several boundary and realignment changes were announced. These included combining two smaller branches into one branch (Chingeltei and Khailaast) and moving it into the stake.  They divided a ward (Sansar) into 2 branches and moved those branches into the district. 
This will provide better membership and priesthood balance between the Stake and the District and prepares the way to form a second Stake in Ulaanbaatar. The growth of the Darkhan District will be a key to further progress.
They also ended up calling two new councilors for the Stake Presidency and a whole new District Presidency.  They also changed the Mission Presidency so that President Benson now has Bat Orgil as first councilor and Gankhayag as 2nd councilor.   
Below is the new District Presidency: (UB East).

                          From the left: Enkhbold, Adiyabold, Byambadorj      

From the left: Elder Wilson, Bat-Orgil, Sister Benson, Pres. Benson, Gankhuyag, and Elder Toronto
The New Mission Presidency is Bat-Orgil, President Benson and Gankhayag with Elder Linford as the Executive Secretary. I will remain in place as a clerk for another 3- 4 weeks until I leave.

Here are the new presidency of the West Stake below
From the left: Baatarchuluun, Pres. Odgerel, and Tserennyam
With all of these changes it will cause a lot of new bishoprics and branch presidencies to be called. 

The new leadership with their families gathered for a group picture.
Sister Wilson is in the middle of the front row
Pres. Adeyabold, Tuul and their family
Elder Toronto with Sisters Hansen and Lkhagjargal
Scenes from conference

Elder Palmer on stage signing for the deaf

Bat-Orgil - our technical wizard in Mongolia

Sisters Ackley, Eskelsen, Fifield, Sneddon, and Matthews with guests

Meanwhile on other matters

Our Thursday night English class at the church has swelled to 37.

Our Christmas greeting from the Rockwood 1st Ward arrived in March - in a nick of time

It's just about time to saddle up and go home



  1. Wow, that is a huge shakeup in UB - that is really amazing and wonderful. Thanks for including Elder Palmer on your blog....

  2. That was a historic event. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the church grows there.