Monday, June 30, 2014

Home is on the near horizon – a quick trip to Pennsylvania

Fort Chigger

We spent another week in Hillsborough, North Carolina with our daughter Tara and her husband Eric and their family of five children.  

13 year old Grant with his new fort

I spent my time improving the fort, making new trails, making a bonfire,

Girl on Fire - Eliza in front of bonfire

Grant. Eliza's twin, added to big logs to the fire

hosting hot dog roast and Smores feast, and cleaning and reorganizing their garage. 

Angelina and Grant with many two and three wheelers taken out of the garage

Darlene was engaged in sewing and mending projects and a whole lot of child care.
On the road again. After church on Sunday, we took off for Wilkes-Barre, PA and made good time (8 hours driving time). The Blue Ridge Mountains were pretty.

A spot in Virginia
We stopped at near Hersheyland and saw the elaborate amusement park there while eating at a nearby Wendy’s.

Elena, Nonnie, Eliza and Juliana - Angelina is hidden behind Eliza

Pennsylvania has a rural, pastoral look compared to the heavily wooded areas of North Carolina and Virginia we drove through. It is beautiful.

Their parents, Tally and Eric, were glad to see their three children they left in our charge and the children were happy to see them.

I took a few pictures of their new rental home – fancy and very nice.

One room among many

View from the back

I couldn’t resist posing in their new Chevrolet Suburban (new to them).

This vehicle would be everyone’s dream in Mongolia. It is the ultimate status symbol  - a black SUV.

Who is that covert operator?

I had to get in and see what all the fuss was about. Very intimidating from the outside and luxurious on the inside.
Tomorrow we head back to St. Louis. We have Eliza traveling with us. She will be staying with us a few weeks until her family comes to Missouri to visit.
We will be moving in and then celebrating the 4th of July in St. Louis, exactly two years after arriving in Mongolia, July 4, 2012.
I've had my hands full this summer

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  1. You looked like Men in Black in the SUV! I love the grandkids call Sister Farmer Nonnie. That is awesome! I am so happy you will get to move in to your home. Your family is just - well - amazing!