Monday, June 9, 2014

Reporting our mission - grandparenting activities

Many days in the life of the Farmers in Mongolia
Reporting our mission. The highlight of the week was speaking in church on Sunday about our mission to Mongolia and then presenting a fireside program that evening. It took a lot of concentrated effort on both our parts to figure out what we each wanted to say and on which occasion. 
Mother and daughter share the same missionary badge 

Then we had to sort through our photos (a huge job) from our mission to match the topics we wanted to stress at the evening program. 
A champion of Family History - here and in Mongolia 

We worked it out and felt good about describing our rich experience as missionaries in Mongolia. 

The hat came off for this presentation

About sixty people came including couples contemplating missions during their retirement years. 

Our two daughters (one of which served in Mongolia -1998-2000) prepared a Mongolian snack "khosher" as a refreshment afterward. 
Returned missionaries who served in Mongolia

Our grandchildren who live in St. Louis attended the fireside as well. 

Some of our grandchildren who attended the program

We were overwhelmed with what we had done, the places we'd been and the great people we met and love.  It was definitely much too much to share in one evening - we skimmed the highlights and sang the praises of our mission.  

Elder Neuberger's parents were there. They knew more than anybody about Mongolia because of their son's mission and their journey to Mongolia as well. 

The Goddards. We hosted the Wally and Carol Goddard for an evening BBQ. They had developed a relationship with Tally and Eric (daughter and son-in-law) and were awfully good to our grandchildren. What a blessing!

The Goddards with Juliana, Elena, and Angelina

It turns out that Bro. Goddard is a well know church author on marriage and parenting. You can google him, Wallace Goddard, to find the books and writings he has done. We compared notes on our mutual careers.

He is retiring from his profession this August and will be moving to Logan, Utah where they will be closer to their grandchildren. I think we made new friends during our time in Arkansas.
Last moments in Arkansas. We will be spending the next three weeks with our three grandchildren as we transport them to their new home in Pennsylvania with a stop in North Carolina.

Overlook of the Arkansas River
Here are more pictures of the fun we had paddleboating at Pinnacle Mountain State Park and general horseplay around the home.  
A barge on the Arkansas River
This was the shoreline of the lake we explored
After the paddleboat ride, a little wading for Elena and Juliana

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  1. For the Beauty of the Earth! I love our Earth, the beauty it gives us and the joy it makes me feel. I love the desert, but there is so much in the South, the Mid West and in Mongolia. What a charge, to be responsible for our Earth. I am so happy for you both! What a fun fireside! I wish I could have been. I can't wait to see you both in August. I must warn you - I am a teary person - drives my family crazy - but I just "leak" for no reason sometimes. Like now, reading your blog, seeing your family, the barge on the river. I, too,love family history and I might have to pick Sister Farmer's brain a bit. I am so happy for you and I can't imagine how much fun you are having!!!