Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our long journey to our home continues

St. Louis - Gateway to the West
Our odyssey continues. We are now in North Carolina visiting our oldest daughter Tara, her husband, Eric, and their family. We journeyed over 800 miles in one day to do this. It was a long drive but the Burdge children were well-behaved troopers. 

We also got a 5:00 am start which helped make it doable.  Pictures to follow in the next blog.
The St. Louis Arch. Before we left, Adam - a 14 year old grandson - and I went to the Arch for a Boy Scout merit badge project. 
Adam is at the lower left hand corner of the Arch
The Arch representing the “Gateway to the West” symbol for St. Louis was finished in 1965. It is as tall as a 27 floor building.
Side view
It is one of the main tourist attractions of St. Louis. Inside the Arch there are small capsule tram cars that take tourists to the top. 
Viewing area at the top of the Arch
Adam went to the top and took some pictures with my camera. I had been to the top before so I declined the $14 ride.
Looking across the Mississippi River into Illinois

Here are some of the pictures Adam took from the top.
View of Busch Stadium - home of the St. Louis Cardinals

Closer view of the ballpark

View of municipal government building

Same building from ground level
Before and after, I had some fun taking pictures on the grounds including one of an Amish family inspecting a horse and buggy ride for tourists. 

The Arch is one of the most distinctive architectural symbols in the United States like the Statue of Liberty or Mount Rushmore.
Depiction of four presidents' faces carved into Mt. Rushmore displayed in Visitor's Center
Grizzly bear inside of visitor's center
Work projects. Adam and I cleaned up some invasive honeysuckle trees on some property owned by the Barneys. 
Adam with the downed honeysuckle trees
Darlene and I also got involved with landscaping and gardening in the Kesners’ backyard. Our grandparenting mission this summer is to be as helpful to our children as we can be while re-involving ourselves with grandchildren.
Aubree is to the left
Aubree on stage. Our 5 year old granddaughter Aubree had a dance performance where, of course, she was the star of the show.
Aubree - fourth on the right - at the dress rehearsal
There was a little drama beforehand as she applied (without permission) lipstick to her face. It resulted in a highly visible clown face quite distinctive from the other dancers. Our daughter Tawny swung into action and cleaned up the mess prior to Aubree’s performance. 

Aubree with her cousins, Annalisa, Juliana, and Elena

All's well that ends well

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