Thursday, June 13, 2013

A glimpse into Siberia

Selenge River in Siberia - the Trans-Siberian railroad runs alongside the river
 A beautiful spot of scenic beauty in Mongolia.
This is as close as we’ll get to Russia, at least on
this mission. There is a largely undiscovered

scenic area in northern Mongolia along

the Russian border. 

Eagle in flight

It has been developed to include several 

sculptures and other works of art placed in a 

natural setting overlooking the Selenge River as it 

flows into Siberia.
Siberia in summer

It was breathtakingly beautiful and well worth the
effort to get the border permits necessary for
foreigners to go there. 

Small world - our driver and the border guard were from the same small town

There is a border guard station located at the 
overlook and they check for permits. 
This border guard station monitors the overlook as well as the Russian border. In 1921 Mongolia fought China for independence.
This border overlook is just a few kilometers from
Sukhbaatar, the capital city of Selenge Province. 
The city has a population of 22,000 and is the
place where the Trans-Siberian Railroad and the
major spur that goes through Mongolia to Beijing

I’ve never seen a mention of this overlook in any
of the tour books or promotions about Mongolia. 
I’m sure someday will be one of the “must-sees”
for Northern Mongolia.

Stairways leading up to the overlook

Our silly tour guide and his look-alike
Our driver had fun here
Chinggis Khan and Queen Khulan - my queen Darlene
Famous revolutionaries from the fight for independence in 1921
Shaman shrine with an Ibex skull
Ulzicka on a horse

Sculpture of an eagle in a perfect setting

We couldn't take our eyes off of the eagle

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  1. Looks like we missed a few things while we were there! What an amazing trip! A little jealous...
    Thanks for the incredible pictures.