Monday, June 3, 2013

Going to the Circus

Grand entrance
A circus in Mongolia. We had great experience going to the Circus. We thought we were buying tickets to the Russian Circus but it turned out to be a Mongolian Circus. Either way it was great!

The circus was performing a part of Children's Day weekend. Saturday's performance was sold out so we were able to go on Monday afternoon.
We went with the Stewarts, Sister England, and Ulzicka.

We loved the jugglers, trapeze artists, tumblers, marching geese, and most of all, the dancing bears.

It was amazing to see the dancing bears. They were trained to do some almost human-like behavior. How odd to see animals acting against their nature.

The kinds of talents that go into circus performers play into Mongolian love of athletics and music. The circus heritage comes from Russia during their 70 year close allegiance and cultural osmosis.

The audience was filled with children, parents, and teenagers. School is out for most Mongolians except for countryside cities and communities.

Great strength, flexibility, grace, and athleticism

Flying through the air with the greatest of ease

Dancing in air

Catching a big bowl on the back of his neck
Bracing for the catch
Geese going down a slide

All four bowls landed on his head. Note what they are standing on. The finishing touch was the flowers landing in the flower pot which landed in the bowls which landed on their heads while they were balancing on skateboards and flipping objects with one end. Whew!

That must hurt a little
What strength and agility!
I see it but I don't believe it!

Dog jumping rope with the trainer and the bear twirling the rope
Dancing with the Bears: a little blurry but they were going for it

No sitting on the job
Is this flamenco or Navajo hoop dancing - or a little of both

Mission President with new arrivals
New Missionaries arrive. Five missionaries arrived on Monday - one more sister will arrive later this week. Also new two senior couples are expected within a week. No pictures yet.

There will be a transfer meeting on Thursday night to welcome the new foreign missionaries and the new Mongolian missionaries returning from the MTC in the Phillipines.

Two American Missionaries, Elders Titensor and Woodward, are among those missionaries finishing their missions.

Family Home Evening. The senior couples met at our apartment for Family Home Evening. The lesson was on temples and family history work.

From the left, Elder and Sister Gardner, Elder and Sister Wood, Darlene, Sister Stewart, Sister and Elder England, and Elder Stewart
Darlene served Banana Crème Pie (and Lemon Merangue Pie) with real whipping cream brought from the US by our daughters.

Weekend travel plans. On Friday we leave for the weekend to work with three couples/families in Bulgan who are preparing to go to the Hong Kong temple in September. 

The Bulgan members are a part of a Mission group located an hour west of Erdenet. We will attend church in Erdenet.
"What can I do? You've got me over a barrel."

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