Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Seeing Mongolia from a Russian van

Only in Mongolia
Traveling in the countryside in Mongolia is always an adventure.
Taking the road less traveled
Usually it seeing something astonishing or dramatic in nature. There are numerous herdsmen tending their numerous flocks.

Cowboys in their work clothes

The stick with a noose on the end is their lasso
Sometimes it is seeing something unusual on the road, an unlikely hazard or something utterly surprising. 

Check out the sights from our jaunt across central Mongolia. 

Road hazards
How many rocks does it take to discourage a Mongolian driver from driving on fresh blacktop? Apparently a lot.
Forward march  - left, right, left right
Strength in numbers

Our driver and tour guide to the rescue
Mud splatter is badge of honor

Stuck German tourist rewards our tour guide Jangar with book on Mongolian geology - written in German

About to find another stuck vehicle
With horns like these, they can go anywhere they want

Nature is all around you

Golden eagle in flight

Camels at a lake

Sharing the lake with a bird

Horses visiting a lake also

Not exactly cuddly
Yaks - beautiful but not so friendly

String of horses

Unusual sights

Shaman Shrine

Calves tied up in the back of a truck

Checking out the local rest stop

I'll take the high road and you'll take the low road....

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  1. What an adventure! Love the rocks on the road to keep people off. I haven't seen that before. All the posts are great. Thanks for taking the time to post them. Is it still chilly there? I saw mom wearing a jacket and gloves in a picture. It looks gorgeous!