Saturday, June 1, 2013

Two special dinners and a parliament tour (again)

Mongolian warrior in front of Parliament
Farewell dinner. Sunday night we hosted a dinner for Elders Titensor and Elder Woodward and their companions, Elder Robbins and Elder Enkhtaivan respectively. Sister Largin and her companion, Sister Enkhnomin, also came to our dinner.  Darlene prepared a great meal of Tahitian meatballs will a lot of extras.
Hosting the departing missionaries, their companions and a Sister companionship. From left to right, Elder Robbins, Titensor, Sisters Largin, Enkhnomin, Elder Enkhtaivan, Sister Farmer and Elder Woodward.  

Elders Woodward and Titensor talked about their favorite missionary memories as well as dramatic memories of Mongolia.
Elder Woodward
They leave on June 4th – the first American missionaries serving two year missions to go home since our arrival last July.

Elder Titensor

A new place to go. On Friday evening, I had a meeting with Alima about her dissertation. Afterward she drove us to a new park and fountain in a part of UB we weren't used to visiting. It was beautiful and refreshing with lots of open space.   
Alima helped us find a new place to walk during the summer

Strangers to UB but not to us. Monday night we had the Groesbecks and Puje (served as a church service missionary in Murun when the Groesbecks were there) over for lasagna and banana cream pie. Elder and Sister Groesbeck were in UB for a week in between assignments.
With the Groesbecks and Puje (against wall) in Murun

They are serving an 18 month mission for membership and leadership support. Their sponsor (a church member’s company) allows them to rotate communities in their English teaching assignments.
With the Groesbecks in Choibalsan

They have served in  Murun and Choibalsan for the first 12 months of their 18 month mission. They have hosted us as we visited in both of those cities.

Khovd is called Dund-Us on this map

The Groesbecks will finish up their mission in Khovd, a city in Western Mongolia. They have been an invaluable support to us in doing Family History work with members in their first two locations and will do so again in Khovd.
Multi-colored building close to Parliament
We will go to Khovd in early October just two months before their mission ends. The Groesbecks came in on Thursday for additional training on Family Tree before heading out to Khovd on Friday.
Day on the Life of Mongolia

Another tour of Parliament. Because they were in UB for a week, Puje (who connections with parliament), arranged for a Parliament tour.
A feature of Chinggis Khan from "A Day in the Life of Mongolia"
All the senior couples were able to go on this tour, ourselves included.
Our group on the Parliament steps

Even though this was our third official visit, we enjoyed the opportunity to see the special sights within Parliament.
Mongolian archer
We all had to bring our passports and show them into order to enter certain rooms on the tour.
To enter this room we needed to show our passports

Paying allegiance to the Khan

Our week had some routine elements, (English teaching and FH training) and a quieter day than usual on Friday due to the fact that the Service Center Staff had the day off due to a national holiday the next day – Saturday June 1st – Children’s Day. Children’s Day was a delight and deserves its own blog.
Mongolian royalty

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