Monday, July 22, 2013

2013 Deel parade

The Deel parade was rained out on July 13 and rescheduled for July 20. There were 15,000 participants in the parade.
Mongolians have their traditional costumes plus a flair for colors and designs. It is a photographer's dream.
We had Family History training in Darkhan on the 20th so I counted on Elder Stewart (mission medical doctor) to get some good pictures and share them with me.
As usual, his photography was stunning. Mongolia is stunning. Here are 30 + pictures of the Deel parade. I don't think you'll get bored. I didn't.
Scenes from the parade. 
Mongolian wrestlers doing their victory dance

A prince and his guard

Buddhist monks

Buddhist dancing gods

Juggler and snake handler on a wagon

Medal  winners
Heroic women of Mongolia

Neighborhood groups march

Shaman costumes

Tribal symbols

Wheelchair participants

Parading minstrels
Children's faces and costumes.


Coming out for air

Dress up for couples


The elderly and families come out to parade together.

Men and women show off their finery.

Khazak lady

Queen's head dress

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