Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dancing for the Guinness record the afternoon before Naadam

Unrestrained enthusiasm - photo courtesy of Elder Stewart
5,000 dancers assembled for the Guinness record - view of half of the dancers

The rest of the dancers
For us the Mongolian national holiday of Naadam unofficially began a day early with an assembly of 5,000 dancers performing on Sukhbaatar Square.

They were attempting a establish a Guinness record for most dancers doing one dance. 
A riot of color
Prior to the performance there was an opportunity to take pictures of the assembled dancers. 

Different groups performed their numbers and then there was a climatic number with all the dancers performing together.

By the time we got to the end, I had a front row view.

Her mood improved

Afterward several groups were willing to pose for us.
Going airborne

What dramatic and vivid colors! What a visual feast. Mongolians have their native tribal dress but a flair for colors and fashion.

The dances featured the very old and the very young performing together. 

Music, performing, and national costumes come naturally and are emphasized as a part of their culture.
They pulled it off
They did set the record and with style.

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