Friday, July 5, 2013

Adventures in Erdenet, Murun

Russian workers at Deer Stone archeology site west of Murun - the worker on the right was protecting herself from the sun.
These pictures will show our trip to Erdenet and Murun. We traveled the countryside with Puje, our translator for youth conference and for training Family History Consultants in Erdenet and Murun.
Puje and the trekkers

Our pictures of Youth Conference and Lake Khovskul will be shown on a later blog.

Scenes from the Mongolian countryside.
Mongolian Roads and Sky

Herders looking after their flocks

City of Murun from Horse Hill

Herder, horse, motorcycle, and yaks
Registering youth on Family Tree in Erdenet.

Altansukh and Dege hosted us for a great traditional Mongolian dinner. I got to "play" granddad.
The wrestling palace in Murun.

Monument to Mongolian warriors
The wrestling palace

View from the front - statues are a tribute to champion wrestlers
Wall of Fame

Childrens' playground near the wrestling palace
Deer Stones. We visited an archeology site composed of 14 deer stones west of Murun. A Russian archeology crew was escavating the site.

Darlene got a good explanation from the chief archeologist

Here is the explanation with a photographer reflected on the stone

Man stone with Russian crew working in background
Deer Stone

Two missionaries and Dorjhand, our driver, accompanied us to this site
A visit to Horse Hill. Our driver took us to Horse Hill, a monument to horses and an overlook to the annual horse races at Naadam. There is a panoramic view on all sides to view the races.

Same group with Elder Tulga, ourselves, and Darjhand
Afterward we visited an investigator family. the investigators had gone to Murun for a granddaughter's graduation. The brother-in-law was at home and he gave us some great Mongolian hospitality with Mongolian yogurt and butter on fresh bread.

Elder Bayanjargal joined us in this picture.

Looking the other direction from Horse Hill


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