Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Naadam celebration for missionaries


Pres. and Sis. Benson, their four children, and the missionaries from Ulaanbaatar


President Benson served in Mongolia from 1996 – 98 while his wife Heidi served from 2000 to – 2001. Our daughter, Tawny, was her trainer for two months when she arrived in Mongolia .
After his mission, Pres. Benson lived in Inner Mongolia for a year learning Chinese history, Manderin, and Mongolian script. He was a patent attorney who switched over to real estate law specializing in China and US joint business ventures.
Darlene and I had a fruitful meeting with him upon our return from Murun.  He learned about our activities and we expressed our needs. He has a great love for Family History and will be quite supportive of our work.  

Like all Mission Presidents, he has his unique talents and leadership to provide direction on moving the gospel forward. Even though he is young, he is uniquely suited to serve in Mongolia. We look forward to serving with him.    


President and Sister Benson organized a Naadam celebration for all the missionaries in the Ulaanbaatar area.  This is a difficult time for teaching because of the events of Naadam, family get- togethers,  watching wrestling on TV.  Also the Mongolian Elders and Sisters want to celebrate the holiday.
 We enjoyed a special program with a talk about the history of Naadam by Enkhtuvshun ,  the first member of the church in Mongolia and a former University professor.
Pres. Benson spoke and then we played traditional Mongolian games of sheep anklebone and knucklebone shooting.

The Mongolians missionaries knew the rules

The Benson children joined the fun
The Benson children fit right in with the newly adopted grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles and big brothers and sisters.


So did Pres. Benson


Knucklebone shooting is a skill-based game

Apparently consultation improves performance
We had a wonderful meal provided by the senior sisters: side dishes, catered khoshuur and banana splits.

Three of our servers, Sisters Nay, England and Farmer

These banana splits are good!

On Naadam, the Mongolians wear their traditional deels and national costumes.

Many of the Senior couples and young missionaries dressed up for the occasion.

What is this?  Synchronized swimming?

I had a new deel that had been gifted me by our sponsor during the week.  Darlene's top was also a gift from one of our church members.  

Elder Amartuvshin joined us for this picture
A great way to celebrate Naadam

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  1. I like you new dell dad. It's a nice color. Mom looks nice in her Mongolian shirt too. That's exciting that the Bensons are now there and sounds like they will be great!