Thursday, July 11, 2013

Clouds and countryside scenes

Puje drove us from Ulaanbaatar to Erdenet and back to UB.
Puje was our driver and interpreter for our trips to Erdenet and Murun.
We stopped for pictures of clouds and pastoral scenes that were breathtaking and captivating. We also had Dorjhand and Oyundalia drive the three of us up to Lake Khovskul. Here is a little of what we saw.

In Mongolia they reverence and worship the sky.

In Montana we have Big Sky. In Mongolia it is Blue Sky. 

Sometimes it its the sky and sometimes it is the vistas of a wide open and endless landscape that leaves us awestruck. Sometimes it is both.
Near Lake Khovskul looking north

From the same summit looking south at gers and livestock by a river
A ger in front of a steep hill
Last decline before arriving at Murun. The road is brand new and helps make getting from Murun to Lake Khovskul easier for tourists to visit.
Sun breaks through the clouds over Murun

Clouds and sunlight over Murun
Herding animals also apart of the landscape. Mongolians have herds of sheep, goats, horses, cattle, camels and yaks. There are numerous yaks herds by Lake Khovskul. Here are a few yaks we encountered.


Yaks and cattle together
Yaks don't particularly like human company

Sometimes it is what is in the sky that gets your attention

Mongolia puts it all together
Tomorrow is another adventure

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