Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Forty best photos from the Tasman Penisula, Eastern Tasmania, and Launceston

Beach on the Bay of Fire

Rather than tell the story of the remainder of our trip to Tasmania, I decided to show you the best photos of the gorgeous scenery and landscape.  My next blog will feature family experiences and photos in Tasmania. Tasmania is largely unknown to American tourists but not to Australians from other states.

Tasmania is one of six states and one territory comprising Australia. It is an island south of Melbourne. It has a lot of berry and fruit crops, cattle and sheep and a strong dairy industry. It has a catchy name and is the home of the Tasmanian Devil. 
Despite being so far south, it has white sand beaches and semi-warm water in the Australian summer. First we will show you the beaches.
Beaches of eastern Tasmania

Beaches north of Scamander as seen from St. Patrick's Head
Bingalong Bay
Wineglass Bay
Bay of Fire - The Garden
Bay of Fire - The Garden
Bay of Fire - Picture perfect

Second view of a gorgeous beach by the Bay of Fire
Another beach in the Bay of Fire
Mountain Scenery
Cataract Gorge - Launceston
Complete with swimming pool
Gorgeous recreation area and free to the public - except for the chair lift

Roads of Northeastern Tasmania
St. Patrick's Head

April at the top of St. Patrick's Head
Midlands of Tasmania

Hike up to Wineglass Bay lookout

1821 Colonial Bridge at Richmond
Outdoor chess match at Richmond

Seagulls scavanging a bread truck
Scenes from along the Tasman Penisula coastline

Tasmanian farewell as we set sail for Melbourne

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Up close and personal with Australia's wildlife - Tasman Peninsula's coast

Louisa among a mob of kangaroos with a curious wallaby on the embankment
Frog-mouthed bird - (not a scientific name)

He blends into the environment nicely

Gideon and Louisa out for a bushwalk

Kangaroo with a pup in pouch

Classic kangaroo hop featured on Australian road signs

Lincoln feeding the wallabies

Louisa feeding the kangaroos

Coastline along the Tasman Peninsula

On the way back to our bay side accommodations - the end of a great day

Fossil Bay near Tessellated Pavement

Tasman Arch

The improbable and complicated geology of Tessellated Pavement

Tasmanian Devil - deformed mouth due to fighting with other Devils