Monday, February 13, 2012


Pictures from 2007

More pictures from Mongolia taken in 2007 
Genghis Khan

The kings of the past

Naadam parade

Naadam parade

Archers at Naadam

Orphans at Naadam

Naadam horse racing

Buddha at Gandan Monastery 

Contortionists at Mongolian theater

Camel riding in Terelj

Turtle rock

Horseback riding in Terelj State Park

Storm rolling in near Turtle Rock 

Some Pictures of Mongolia

12 years ago my daughter served a mission in Mongolia.  Here are some of her pictures.

Announcing our mission

Our granddaughter Eliza's "Welcome to Monogolia" sign
Imagine our surprise when we saw this sign greeting us when we visited the Stewarts in North Carolina in March of this year.

Welcome to my blog.  My wife and I will be going on a church mission to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia this summer.  I will be recording our adventures and thoughts here.