Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer work, summer fun

Clouds and Chinggis Khaan Hotel blend together
Summer celebrations come to an end. We enjoyed the lighter schedule after a month of hectic activities. We plowed ahead with Family History work with helping members prepare for the temple,

FH Consultant training for the UB Family History Center,

talks in the Unur Ward, and a long walk (for exercise) to the Russian Orthodox Cathedral.

The weather is pleasant. It seems like this summer is a bit cooler than last summer.

The flower beds in front of our apartment are impressive.

Anything green in Mongolia counts as lovely. That is why weeds and flowers grow to together.

The other senior couples went on a two day trip to Terelj, the Chinggis Khaan Statue, and 13th Century Park. We chose not to go because we had been fortunate to have been twice already. Once last summer after our arrival and again this spring when our daughters visited Mongolia. All the couples felt pleased with their excursion. 

Looking ahead. We were invited to the Young Single Adult Conference later in August. Guess what? More camping! "When in Rome..."  I am sure we will survive but that doesn't make the ground softer, the bugs go away and the tent bigger.

Next Saturday a Boy Band named Beyond 5 is coming to Mongolia sponsored by Deseret Books as a part of an Asian tour. We will be attending our first Boy Band concert or maybe our first teen, young adult pop concert ever. There is always something new under the sun - especially in Mongolia.

There is a big banner hanging from the Mission home/office/meetinghouse advertising this event.

We have two major training trips left this year, one to Choibalsan in early September and one to Khovd in western Mongolia in early October. We also have a week long temple trip to  Hong Kong scheduled during September. By this fall, we will have seen most of the scenic parts of Mongolia except for the Gobi desert.

English classes will begin. Teaching English will start up again in a couple of weeks. We have some exciting new ideas.

The church is helping non-English speaking missionaries world-wide to learn English on their missions. There are special materials and a program for them to learn. This will prove to be a great economic benefit to them after their missions are completed.

Also the Elders and Sisters who teach English in Mongolia will have special instruction on how to improve their teaching every zone conference. 

Mongolian language. Darlene gave another talk in Sacrament meeting in Mongolian. She is also picking up a twice-a-week Skype Mongolian lesson from the MTC in Provo to help boost her ability to speak.

We invited three sets of missionaries to dinner who will be leaving their missions in August.
We will have two more dinners for the remaining departing Elders and Sisters during early August. This group of missionaries have been delightful and fun to be around. 
Hopefully they will have a soft landing when they arrive

Monday, July 22, 2013

2013 Deel parade

The Deel parade was rained out on July 13 and rescheduled for July 20. There were 15,000 participants in the parade.
Mongolians have their traditional costumes plus a flair for colors and designs. It is a photographer's dream.
We had Family History training in Darkhan on the 20th so I counted on Elder Stewart (mission medical doctor) to get some good pictures and share them with me.
As usual, his photography was stunning. Mongolia is stunning. Here are 30 + pictures of the Deel parade. I don't think you'll get bored. I didn't.
Scenes from the parade. 
Mongolian wrestlers doing their victory dance

A prince and his guard

Buddhist monks

Buddhist dancing gods

Juggler and snake handler on a wagon

Medal  winners
Heroic women of Mongolia

Neighborhood groups march

Shaman costumes

Tribal symbols

Wheelchair participants

Parading minstrels
Children's faces and costumes.


Coming out for air

Dress up for couples


The elderly and families come out to parade together.

Men and women show off their finery.

Khazak lady

Queen's head dress