Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A medical visit and birds of prey

You are so cute!
Dr. Stewart, Sister Stewart,Ulzicka (medical translator), Oyun and two sister missionaries  joined us in our Russian van. 
Our Russian van with our driver Zorgeo. With five in our party, the Stewarts, Ulzicka, and two sister missionaries, our van was filled to capacity
He asked our daughter, the other Dr. Stewart to make a dermatology consultation near Nalaikh, a coal mining community, about an hour east of Ulaanbaatar. Nalaikh has its own branch and chapel. Two sets of missionaries are assigned there.  
The church at Nalaikh
Nalaikh is en route to Terelj. Just outside of Nalaikh an entrepreneur has a bunch of birds of prey - vultures and eagles - with which tourists and others can take photographs. Some days he has camels and donkeys to ride also. This day he had just his donkey.  
Meeting a 65 year old Mongolian herdsman by the church
After a stop there we went went to see a little 10 year old girl with hardened calouses on her hands and feet. We visited with the family and took some pictures of a newborn calf and its mother they had penned up near their ger.
Time to ride on out

The following are pictures taken during these two stops. The Stewarts, Ulizicka and the two sister missionaries caught a bus and returned to Ulaanbaatar while we journeyed on to Terelj - a National Park in close proximity to Nalaikh.
Joseph and Mary and a stubborn donkey

Riding in a skirt is not easy

About to meet their new friends

Are you sure this is OK?
I'm a little nervous - you would be too

What about me?

Oyun was not amused - a trainer is coming to her rescue

A barking dog greets us as we arrive at the litttle girl's home
The girl, Tara and the big sister - the main caregiver

Tawny and the grandmother
The sisters enjoy fine hospitality - grapes come at a premium price

Her hands and feet

A sweet little girl

The other Dr. Stewart

When we left they wanted us to see  their new little calf

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