Monday, April 22, 2013

Bodg Khan summer and winter palace and Cashmere factory tour

An ornate gate to the summer and winter palaces
Bogd Khan winter summer and winter palaces. The last king of Mongolia died in 1924. He functioned under Chinese rule and was mainly ceremonial in his official functions.

The winter palace in a spring snow storm
He was an avid collector and hunter. Official visiters to Mongolia also brought gifts. His two palaces have been converted into museums to show his collections.
The guard was friendly and color-coordinated
After he died the Communist government wouldn't allow any successor to his throne but didn't destroy his palaces and possessions. The museum came into being a few years after Mongolia became independent in 1992.
A snow-covered lion guarding a snow-covered palace

A different size pot for every recipe and every size group - five sheep were cooked in the biggest pot.

A pretty day for photography
Jangar acting silly
Tara posing in front of artwork
Four golden stupas
Beautiful tapestry
The green goddess - one of two female Buddhist goddesses in Mongolia
Snow leopard pelt on roof of a ger
A visit to a cashmere factory. Jangar had arranged a factory tour along with a visit to their showroom. Cashmere is expensive, even in Mongolia, the number 2 cashmere producing country in the world.
A valued job that brings in income
Cashmere has western prices. That didn't stop the girls from trying on the merchandise. Buying was another matter. 
It felt good but the price wasn't right.
Her sister Tassa felt the same way
The factory workers earn in the neighborhood of $500 a month. They work long and hard as assembly line prodcution. Jobs are valued and important in Mongolia. Wages are comparable to most other employment in Mongolia including government and professional workers.
Darlene could have been an engineer - she loves this sort of thing
The people who really get ahead in Mongolia are owners of businesses, owners of real estate, investors, and those fortunate people employed in gold and copper mining at senior positions.

It takes a lot of concentration
There is a lot a wealth in Ulaanbaatar but most people struggle to make ends meet with a high standard of living and inadequate incomes. People here feel blessed to have an apartment, a car and nice clothes. If you have that, it seems like work, no matter how long or tedious, is a blessing.

So  that's how it is done

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