Monday, April 29, 2013

Daughters’ charity visits, Family History Open House, and family dinner

Children who performed their talents at School 80 where the Foundation donated school supplies
Friday: Our daughters' collected gifts and donations in conjuction with a granddaughter's personal progress project for Narantuya's family.

Grandmother, Enkhjin, Ekh Achlan and friend

A previous blog showed our first visit to their home the day after they arrived. They followed up with a second visit on Friday.

Special appreciation program at School 80
To get the complete details of their visit there and other charity visits with Nara Thompson and her foundation, you can go to the Barney Family blog at to see more of these visits. For Narantuya's family, look for Maren's YW Service Project blog entry.
Household headed up by 22 year old brother (looks like 15) with two little brothers in front. Nara Thompson and Social Worker are on the right
They saw lots of poverty and sad situations while in Mongolia intersperesed with tourism, family visits and meals, and 20th year commemoration activities.

They made a number of home visits delivering clothes
We didn't go on any of these visits made on Friday and Saturday. We were a part of the Family History Open House Friday afternoon that was a part of the week long celebration of the LDS church coming to Mongolia.
Family History Center Open House
The Open House was a huge success. It was designed to encourage members to gather, records and perserve valuable family history and data.
Nara showing her family history, photographs and genealogy work
Several displays were set up and were hosted by Family History Consultants from the Ulaanbaatar Family History Center.

Lots of interest
Audience for video showing

Lots of one-on-one teaching

Lots of conversations were triggered between our guests

Our FH Consultants did a great job

Viewing memory books

One of Tawny's convert families invited us for dinner on Friday night.
The mother was taking the picture
Tamir played the Morin Hor for us.
He performed on stage the next night in the cultural extravaganza. What a great family and a wonderful visit!
Tawny wanted to try it
So did Tassa
Tamir and Manduhai's little sister was darling

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