Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Terelj, English class, and guests for dinner

Tara, Tassa, and Tawny at Medicine Monastery entrance
We finished up our Tuesday outing after our adventure with the birds by continuing on to Terelj with stops at a beautiful valley, Monk's Cave, Turtle rock and Medicine Monastery. We drove back to Ulaanbaatar in time for our English class where our daughters helped our students practice their English.

A Shepherd and his flock
We finish up the night with a pizza dinner at our apartment for Ulzicka, Davadorj and their Mother Naranchimeg. Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures of our dinner party. We crowded a lot in to what turned out to be a beautful travel day.

Our driver and his vintage Russian van

Us at a Buddhist shrine

A totem pole

A valley with vacation homes
A rock carver runs a souvenir shop
A winter scene
Two yaks, a mare and her colt
Exploring 100 Monks' cave - In 1937, a hundred buddhist monks hid out in this cave for a year to avoid assisination by the communist government. They were fed by the local herdsmen.  

Our daughters at turtle rock
Hello there
On a day when we were the only tourists, an artist was selling his wares

A road less traveled - going to Medicine Monastery

Medicine Monastery on the far right, rock paintings on upper left

Tara getting acquainted with our students  

The three sisters rotated tables every 20 minutes

Tassa with a glimpse of the other tables
Davadorj performing at the 20th celebration cultural extravaganza

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  1. That rock carver is my uncle. Now he went to different place and im working there