Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chinggis Khan Statue and Song and Dance performance

Dancers at Song and Dance theater
We contine our big Thursday touring day with a stop at the Chinggis Khan monument, camel rides and arriving in Ulaanbaatar in time for a song and dance performance.
The dancing gods
The song and dance performance was the only one being scheduled this week. There were some visiting dignitaries from Korea visiting Mongolia so we joined them and a smattering of a few others in a small but intimate 100 seat theater.
Check  out the headdress
This show is given nightly during the summer tourist season. This night there were probably 40 - 45 in attendance. 
Comic relief
The photos show how the rest of this day gave our daughters a quick immersion into Mongolian sights and culture.

A spectacular show

A contortionist does the unbelievable
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The throat singers were jsut as incredible to the ear as this is to the eye

A place for everyone

Not just your everyday walk in the park

Tawny had her turn

Color coordinated Tassa makes friends with her new riding partner
Chinggis Khan surveys his domain

Chinggis Khan holding the golden whip

Here we are again

Vulture sitting on Chinggis' hip
New ger camp going up for tourists
Big shoes to fill

View of the countryside from top of the monument

Modern day Mongolia - tourists on camels - guide on cell phone


  1. Thanks for documenting our trip there with all your posts. It was so wonderful to be back! Thank you for hosting us in your apartment.

  2. Until I saw the actresses in these pictures smile, I thought Mongolians were physically incapable of smiling.