Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our daughters arrive, the fun begins

Our daughters' plane arrives at 11:25 at night and they clear customs at midnight
After a day of flights delays, our three daughters, Tara, Tassa, and Tawny arrived in Mongolia.

What a great sight to see them after about 11 months! We were up to 3:00 am on the night they came.
Tassa Barney, Tara Stewart, ourselves, and Tawny Kesner together in Mongolia
Tawny was coming to Mongolia as a returned missionary invited to the 20th year commemoration of the LDS church in Mongolia. two of her sisters chose to join her for a once in a lifetime trip to this exciting country. 
Oyun, Tawny and Harolsuren - who considers Tawny "her" missionary
They had gathered gifts and donations for Narantuya's family and for a foundation that supports education for children in poverty. Details to our visit to Narantuya's can be found on Darlene's blog at later this week. Some of our photos are shown here without much of the narrative of our visit.  

We were invited guests to Sharavdebral's home for a meal - He is our sponsor where we treach English at TelecomMongolia. His wife, Byambasusuren provided a wonderful dinner and Mongolian hospitality. 
The next day was filled with visits to Harolsuren, our sponsor's home, delivering donated items to Narantuya's family and attending a returned missionary fireside in conjuction with the 20th anniversary week of the establishment of a church mission in Mongolia.

We hired Zorgio to ferry us around this week in his restored Russian van. By coincidence, Narattuya's family lived in his neighborhood in Bayanzurgkh and he saw his son pushing a water cart. His wife is a veternarian. We stopped for a picture.
I will let photos do the talking and fill in the details when there is more time.

Meeting Ekhjin
Ekhjin hosting our family
Tassa, Ekhjin and her new doll

Sister missionary and Ech Achlan

Ekhjin close up

Our group and Narantuya's family

It gets better and better

Bathuu, Ekh Achlan and Ekhjin

One of the highlights - watching the childrens' reaction to the family photo album. Bathuu teared up with the family pictures.

"If you're looking for trouble, you came to the right place."
Ekh Achlan's playmate - a little 4 year old with "attitude"

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