Monday, September 8, 2014

Finishing our trip

The Ogden temple - to  be dedicated Sept. 21

We had a busy three weeks in Utah. Here some of the highlights. On a previous blog we documented our time visiting family and friends in Utah Valley. 

The remainder of the trip was spent visiting our daughter,Trista, and her husband, Darin, and their six children in Logan, Utah and Darlene’s brother, Ron, and his wife, Kathie, in Cove, Utah near the Idaho border.

          Visit to Providence and Cove, Utah

At Trista’s home, we enjoyed the grandchildren and helped with many projects, both with the yard and in the house. 

Luke's (on left) birthday breakfast 

After the garage was cleaned and organized

During our last week we saw a performance of the Wizard of Oz with two of our grandchildren being in the production. 

                      The Wizard of Oz
Grandsons Collin and Luke were in the play
Curtain call for principal actors
The Wicked Witch of the West

Utah State - Idaho State football game
I also took Ryan to his first football game where we watched Utah State play Idaho State. 
Part of the action
Flag twirlers during halftime show.
Grandson Ryan getting a hug from Big Blue

Unbeknownst to me, the rest of the family ended up with free tickets and we all watched the game together.  
Ron and Darlene
At Ron and Kathie’s, we exchanged stories from their mission to Hungary and our mission to Mongolia. It was special to share each other’s experiences in the mission field. 
Ron and Kathie Felsted extracting honey - neighbor on right

They have a small farm and enjoyed their peaceful life with them for a couple of days. 
The Franklin cemetery near Cove, Utah

They live less than a mile from the Franklin cemetery where my mother’s parents are buried.
My grandparents' grave 

A visit to St. George
We traveled to St. George with them to visit Ron and Darlene’s 95 year old uncle who lives there in an assisted living facility. 
St. George temple
Swimming at the motel
Jay Taylor - Darlene's uncle

Scott Taylor
It was a sweet visit. Uncle Jay is alert and sharp in his thinking. It was fun to share our mission experiences with him and his son Scott.
Uncle Jay, Ron and Kathie Felsted, Darlene, and Scott Taylor Jay's son and Darlene's cousin

Elder Palmer’s mother had arranged for us to meet President Benson’s parents who live in St. George. They are currently serving a full time membership support mission in their Stake. 
John and Kathleen Benson

They were gracious and hospitable hosts for us as we presented a power point program on our mission in Mongolia. 
Benson family and the Palmers and Farmers

They also invited several of their family members who live in the area to come also.
It was special to meet Sister Palmer and her daughter Annalisa. She has been a big fan of this blog. You can tell by her many comments she made online.
Jeanette Palmer and Darlene

Besides Sister Palmer, we connected with Elder Odd’s family in Menden, Utah. They served us a lovely meal and then we showed our pictures of Mongolia. 
Elder Odd's parents, brother, sister and grandmother in Menden Utah

We formed friendships with their sons in the mission field and now we are making friends with their parents. It was special.

            The Ogden temple open house

One last event was attending the open house at the Ogden temple with our daughter and son-in-law, our granddaughter Leah and with the Groesbecks, a couple who served with us in Mongolia. 
Darin and Trista with daughter Leah on left

It was a special time together as we viewed the beauty and grandeur of this new temple.
The Groesbecks with Darlene at the Ogden temple open house

We and the Groesbecks traveled up the canyon to Huntsville to visit the Richardsons, another couple who served with us in Mongolia.  
The Groesbecks, Richardsons, and Farmers at the Richardson home in Huntsville, Utah 

They live in Huntsville, Utah – the boyhood home of President David O. McKay. We all reminisced about our times together in Mongolia and renewed our friendships.

So long  to our wonderful visit to Utah

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