Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday - A visit to Parliament - History of Mission program

Scene from "A Day in the Life of Mongolia"
We had arranged with Puje a tour of Parliament for our daughters. Puje used to work in Parliament and had the connections necessary to get an invitation.
Nine flags of Mongolia made of white horse hair and brought out only for ceremonial occassions
The tour was expanded to include all the former Senior Missionaries and Mission Presidents who came to Mongolia for the 20th year commemoration of the church being established in Mongolia.
                        The black flag symbolizes the flag of war
We visited a museum within Parliament, toured places of significance and viewed a 40 foot panorama of a "Day in the Life of Mongolia" -  a famous mural depicting scenes from Mongolian life and culture.
Chinggis Khan, the founder of the Mongolian nation and empire
After the tour, Tara got a haircut and the women had a Mongolian lunch.

Flags and symbols of Mongolia
I was involved in interviewing for an article on the 20th commemoration of the church being established in Mongolia.  There was a display set up through the church building with historical photographs of the 20 year era.

Gift from the governement of India
The evening ended with Tawny and myself attending a special meeting featuring early pioneers of the church in Mongolia recounting their memories and telling stories of the early beginnings of the church here.

Gift from the government of Khazakstan

Art work on display

Two visiters to Parliament

Soyomba - the symbol of Mongolia

The great Khan

These Mongolian visiters agreed to pose with us

Former and current missionaries to Mongolia

Tawny with her former Mission President Cox and his wife

One of the dancing gods

Tara with our barber and hairdresser Erica

Tasting Mongolian food

History of the mission fireside

Scene from "A Day in the Life of Mongolia"

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