Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Naadam Begins 7-11-12

Special Mongolian color guard
This is a special edition blog of our favorite pictures from the opening ceremonies of Naadam, archery and wrestling. Mongolia fought for its independence from China in 1921. The country celebrates through a three day sports festival including archery, wrestling, and horse racing. The Mongolians have added a game of skill involving sheep ankle bones.
Police guarding the guards who are guarding the flags

The opening cermonies begin by a mounted color guard bringing in the nine great white banners representing the unity of the Mongolian people.
Flag bearers and color guard entering the stadium

Color guard marching to flags
Flags are stationed for Naadam

People dress themselves and their children in tradtional clothes to celebrate. There are a number of cultural programs of dance and music as well entertainment.

More pageantry
Dressed up for Naadam
Dressed up in finery
Looks like a prince
Meeting the Brass

Dress up day for veterans
Women too
Mongolian Olympic team
Famous Mongolian actor

Archer with camera
Combination of fashion and skill

Waiting his turn  

A past champion

Friends meet

Men's archery and what they are aiming at

The target

Red spot is the target - judge demonstrates how far off the shot was.
Sheep ankle bone contest

Colorful participants

Wrestling judges
Wrestlers doing an eagle dance in front of flags - it is a victory dance and a prayer for strength
This little boy took down his father and then enacted an eagle victory dance and head bump on a flag pole - The showman, at the urging of photographers, repeated the rituals for their benefit. 
Life is good in Mongolia

Want more photography? I will add a few more Naadam shots.
Attention - no exression British style
He wanted his picture taken

High heels

High Hats

The target - scoring is at lower left of box

Reassembling the target

Kibitzing the event

A "new" traditional greeting - Welcome to Mongolia

All dressed up and fit to kill

His turn

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  1. Great pictures! It's impressive, isn't it? What an exciting time to start your mission.