Friday, July 20, 2012

Senior couple annual outing 2012

Senior couple annual outing 2012

Meet our new Mongolian friends
Highlights of Senior couple outing. 

This will be a photographic journey of some wondrous sights in Mongolia near the capital of Ulaan Baatar. 

The sights you will see will be of the Bogd Khan Mountain National Park and Manzhir Khid Monastery, Hustai National Park and wild horse sanctuary, Terelj National Park including 100 Monk Cave, Turtle Rock and Medicine monastery, Chinggis Khan Statue and 13th Century National Park.

                 Manzhir Monastery

Beautiful country - terrible roads

Birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism in Mongolia - 1637

Depiction of Manzhir Monastery before its destruction
 300 monks were murdered here by Stalin in 1937.

10 sheep were cooked in this hot pot to serve 300 monks

Green Goddess - one of two female Buddhist goddesses in Mongolia

The White Goddess

                                    Wild Horse Park

Sanctuary for Takhi, the Asian wild horse

The stallion is following and protecting his harem and offspring

Our Ger (Yurt) camp

Another view

Mongolian Throat Singers

How they survive

Somewhere along the Silk road

                                    Chinngis Khan's Birthplace

A Buddhist prayer mound honoring Chinggis Khan's birthplace

Overlook from Chinggis Khan's birthplace

100 Monks Cave

100 Monks Cave - 100 monks evaded capture from communists by hiding in a cave in this rock

Turtle Rock

Medicine Monastery

View from Medicine Monastery

A visit to a nomad ger

View from Temple Ger Camp - we were the only guests

Temple Ger Camp

Chinggis Khan Statue

Chinggis Khan Statue

Senior couples up close and personal with Chinggis Khan

View of Chinggis Khan's domain from top of the horse head

The 13th Century National Park

The 13th Century National Park consists of 7 camps depicting life at it occurred in the era of Chinngis Khan. We visited 6 of the 7 camps.
Craftmen's Camp

Demonstrating grinding flour

Tea kettle rock formation at Craftsmen's camp

The Khan's Palace camp - 24 united clans represented by tribal symbols
Lunch followed by music and costume dressing at Khan's Palace

Chinggis Khan and wife re-enactors - may not be locals

Education camp - old Mongolian script

The Shaman's camp

Nomad's camp - Mongolian mobile home pulled by 24 cattle

Nomad's camp - horses and colts

             The Guard camp - No wonder they conquered the world!

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  1. Wow-all those sights are amazing! Very remote, expansive, and beautiful. What a great sight-seeing trip you were able to go on right off the bat. Do you get to go again next year?